B8675 Blue

B8675 Blue

Product Details Content: 100% Polyester Repeat: NONE Direction: Railroaded Cleaning code: W Width: 54" Fire code: UFAC 1, CAL 117, NFPA 260 Finish: CRYPTON ® Abrasion: 50,000 double rubs Country of origin:  Taiwan Style: Texture Category: Crypton Home Performance Color: Blue Usage: Upholstery Easy Clean: While the performance features of Crypton® Home Fabric make it easy to clean, it is not self-cleaning. Use the simple instructions below to clean Crypton. Spot-Cleaning: 1. Wipe away the excess mess with a dry, clean towel. 2. Mix together a simple soap and water solution. We recommend mixing 1/4 teaspoon enzyme laundry detergent, like Tide® or Cheer®, with 1 cup of warm water. 3. Apply the solution and agitate with a soft-bristle brush. 4. Blot with a clean towel and rinse. Repeat if necessary, and remember soap attracts dirt, so make sure to rinse thoroughly. Extraction Cleaning: For overall cleaning, we highly recommend periodically extracting upholstered surfaces using hot-water extraction. more info

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